About Us

Recognizing multi-dimensional benefits of Automated Driving, we at Autodrive Technologies offer innovative solutions to accelerate widespread adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

We are an early stage startup, have a decade long legacy of developing Automated driving products for global OEM’s and Tier 1’s.

Safer, Stress-free Driving for India

Immense road safety and traffic congestions issues are calling for safer, smarter vehicles in India. Demand for automated driving features is clearly evident from rising awareness and consumer upgrade preferences. India is set to become the next big market for ADAS and Autonomous Driving products.


About ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) monitor area around the vehicle and assists driver during the driving process. ADAS systems increase safety by issuing alerts and warnings for possible collisions and driver distractions. Under certain circumstances driving stress can also be reduced by taking shared control of the vehicle.

How We Help

We help Vehicle Manufactures to select best sensors, design right feature specifications based on regional accidentology, NCAP priority areas and market preferences.

Our services help global ADAS suppliers to introduce their products in India faster and safer. We provide end to end engineering services required to launch ADAS products in new markets.

Niche Services for hassle free development, helping you at every step :


Bridging the gap between Automotive OEM’s and ADAS Suppliers !

We combine in-depth market insight, domain expertise and world class technical knowledge to help you deliver compelling ADAS products quickly and reliably for Indian Consumers. There is a tailored solution for everyone!


Automotive OEM’s

Learn more about our solutions to help you Introduce ADAS in Mass Productions Vehicles.


ADAS Providers

ADAS Providers

Learn more about our solutions which can help you to gain Early Movers advantage in Indian Market.


Key Differentiators

Engineering automated driving products is a highly multi-faceted problem which requires a multi-faceted response. We at Autodrive Technologies have all it takes to deliver turnkey solutions and become partner of your choice to introduce ADAS products in India.

ADAS Sensors

Sensing Expertise

Technologies ranging from Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Radars and Sensor Fusion; everything needed for environmental perception. We can develop state of the art sensing perception solutions quickly.


Automotive Expertise

Vehicle Dynamics, Networks, Diagnostics, Calibrations and Complementary knowledge from other automotive subsystems; we can rapidly take a prototype into a series production program.


Early Stage Startup

Highly Enthusiastic People having truly Agile and Innovative approach. Flexibility to move faster and completely adapt to customer needs. We can focus on acute problems to provide breakthrough innovations.


Years of Experience

Decade long legacy of working with global Tier 1’s and OEM’s on state of the art technologies in the area of ADAS and Automated Driving. A global perspective helps us to shape long term strategy for India.


Flexible Engagement Models

As we are pretty young, we are open to experiment and work on engagement models that suits your needs. We can be your shadow co-locating team or can be your preferred offshore supplier.


Industry Collaborations

Our experience has allowed us to create a rapport with partner ecosystem required for collaborative development. Co-operations from Harness Vendors, Test Target Suppliers, Proving Grounds along with Government Agencies and beyond.

Our End to End services allow you to:

Put your plans in motion

Get into business quickly, define and launch right offerings for emerging markets

Reduce your Engineering Costs

Optimize development costs and get highest possible ROI

Build on our Regional Insights

Don’t start from scratch, leap frog your timelines

Tap India Autonomous Opportunity

Don’t miss out on next big opportunity and keep yourself ahead in competition


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