Zero deaths in road accidents

We envision a world free of road accidents with joyful journeys. It’s not acceptable to waste a single life in road traffic accidents. And it is perfectly possible by building safer mobility and responsible driving.

Let’s join the hands to make it real!


To be a leading engineering solutions provider helping Vehicle Manufactures and ADAS providers to accelerate introduction of ADAS products in India

We will achieve our VISION ZERO by providing technological products and solutions to improve automotive safety. Our innovative engineering services accelerate adoption of safety technologies by making them affordable and viable for all road conditions.

Human drivers are prone to fatigue and mistakes, which leads to accidents. Congestions make driving a stressful job. Technology can assist the human driver to reduce the burden of driving resulting in joyful journeys.

Our Story

Autodrive Technologies started journey in Fall 2018 to support Automotive OEM’s ,Tier 1’s, ADAS Suppliers and Fleet Owners to launch ADAS products in Indian market. As with any new technology, initial development and adoption is quite challenging and time consuming. We want to accelerate widespread adoption of Automated Driving products.

We feel very proud and fortunate to have a global ADAS supplier as our client from Day 1 of our inception. Trust from the industry leader, state of the art technical expertise and in-depth market understanding is helping us to grow collaborations quickly.

We firmly believe ADAS can improve traffic situation in India and we can be instrumental to drastically reduce time to market.

Our Strengths

Engineering automated driving products is a highly multi-faceted problem which requires a multi-faceted response. We at Autodrive Technologies have all it takes to deliver turnkey solutions and become partner of your choice to introduce ADAS products in India.

ADAS Sensors

Sensing Expertise

Technologies ranging from Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Radars and Sensor Fusion; everything needed for environmental perception. We can provide turnkey sensing perception solutions quickly


Domain Expertise

Vehicle Networks, Diagnostics, Calibrations and Mounting; everything needed for Vehicle Integration. Complementary knowledge from other automotive subsystems and vehicle dynamics


Early Stage Startup

Highly Enthusiastic People having truly Agile and Innovative approach. Flexibility to move faster and completely adapt to customer needs, can focus on acute problems and provide breakthrough innovations


10 Years of Experience

Decade long legacy of working with global Tier 1’s and OEM’s on state of the art technologies in the area of ADAS and Automated Driving. A global perspective helps to shape long term strategy


Flexible Engagement Models

As we are pretty young, we are open to experiment and work on engagement models that suits your needs. We can be your shadow team or can be your preferred supplier


Industry Collaborations

Our experience has allowed us to create a rapport with partner ecosystem needed for collaborative development. Co-operations from Harness Vendors, Test Target Suppliers, Proving Grounds till Government Agencies and beyond

Join Us

We are pretty young and are looking for dynamic people with many different skills. If our work excites you, please feel free to check out current openings. Small team offers exponential growth and tremendous learning opportunities.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about our services or ADAS, please drop us a line. We would be glad to discuss how Automated Driving can increase safety and reduce driving stress in India. We are located in Pune, India (GMT+5:30) time zone and will get back to you very soon!