How can you reinvent your products ready for budget vehicles?

Penetration of ADAS products should not be limited to few ultra-high segment vehicles. Every driver deserves improved safety and low stress driving experience. And it’s possible to create innovative solutions to match such cost preferences.

India, Driving in Fast Lane!

Automotive industry in India is growing rapidly. With close to 5 million passenger and commercial vehicles produced last year, now India is 4rth largest automotive industry globally. Eventually if these growth rates continue, India may is set to rank third position by 2021. Rapid urbanization, rise in middle class income, huge young population coupled with policy support is driving the momentum.

ADAS penetration in such a huge market is almost negligible. Low penetrations in a wide open market presents tremendous growth opportunities for mass-market entry segment ADAS suppliers.

Win here, win globally – Value Propositions India can bring to your ADAS Products

In many ways emerging markets – India, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America, closely resemble with each other. India precisely portrays the similarities in these cost sensitive – value focused countries.

Automotive industry in all of the emerging markets is growing rapidly and continue to grow on account of younger population. These demographics altogether have very unique infrastructure conditions and traffic behaviour. On top of that, real data captured on highly dense road objects present interesting scenarios which can be used developing Autonomous Driving systems.

“Optimizing your sensors, algorithms and features to work in India, will eventually open up rapidly growing Emerging Markets for your products. “



Developing and deploying ADAS in series production requires collaborations from many different parties. A ton of operational challenges are common while launching ADAS products in any new demography. A regional partner having deep market insights and proven technology background can be very crucial success factor.

Lack of Ecosystem

Due to complex and latest technologies involved in ADAS products, not many people or companies are working on Automated Driving. Similarly there is limited support from from ecosystem lacking research, tools, tracks etc. Scarcity of Automotive domain experts especially Automotive Electronics is still a big issue.

Unique Traffic Dynamics

Unstructured driving habits, dilapidated infrastructure coupled with high density of road users form unique traffic dynamics. Traditional algorithms needs a fresh thinking and may need many design improvements. Many adaptations can result in heavy application engineering costs.

Cost Balancing

Data collection and vehicle testings are primary steps towards proving the product for given scenarios. Setting up inhouse infrastructure may be a daunting job. Operational hurdles increase time to market demand for higher initial investments.

A perfect regional partner, Autodrive Technologie helps you quickly launch ADAS products in India

Vehicle Build Up

Integrate your sensors, build robust cars, test and demonstrate your product capabilities in faster time.

Data Solutions

Get ready to use high quality labelled data captured across entire India covering all weather, light and road traffic conditions.

Algorithm Customization

Extend capabilities of your existing algorithms to handle new scenarios. Retain your IP, deliver your software with defined interfaces and get production ready code validated on target hardware.

Mass production

Safely industrialize your prototypes on series production vehicles in shorter time to market. We can quickly tune and adapt your systems to local OEM requirements.

Our end to end services allow you to :

Put your plans in motion

Get into business quickly, define and launch right offerings for emerging markets

Reduce your Engineering Costs

Minimize development costs and get highest possible ROI

Build on our Regional Insights

Our global experience provide us a better view of regional challenges

Tap India Autonomous Opportunity

Don’t miss out on next big opportunity and keep yourself ahead in competition