How can you roll out ADAS features in mass production vehicles in India?

Autonomous Driving is set to revolutionize numerous industries in an unimaginable way. As an Automotive OEM, taking right initial steps towards Autonomy are extremely crucial.

Towards The Autonomous Future

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines five levels of automated driving according to relative level of driving automation. Level 1 being Least level of Automation and Level 5 being the Highest level of Automation. In levels 1 and 2 a Human driver is assisted during the driving process but is fully responsible for controlling the vehicle. Whereas level 3 i.e. Highly Automated Driving onwards system can take up the responsibility of driving under certain situations. Level 5 in the form of Self Driving Cars is an epitome of Automated Driving where a human driver is not needed at all.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – An Holistic Approach for India

ADAS presents the right opportunities to introduce Automated Driving in India. ADAS can boost the Safety of a vehicle by eliminating most of the critical accidents. Another prominent benefit of having ADAS is to reduce Driving Stress during city, highway or night time driving.

Typically ADAS systems are monitoring the area around the vehicle with the help of camera, radars or similar sensors. Additional senses overcome distractions and fatigue experienced by human drivers. In certain predefined scenarios, systems can take partial control of the vehicle to do mundane jobs like maintaining speed on a highway or following other vehicles in city traffic jams.

“Considering transport infrastructure and traffic behavior in India, ADAS is the right next technology step towards Autonomous Driving.”



Automated Driving products are most complex piece of software and hardware ever deployed by automakers. Building ADAS products presents unique challenges due to dozens of independent electronic and electric components involved. Deep techno commercial understanding is needed to shape long term product strategy.

Product Design Complexity

From artificial intelligence to remote vehicle diagnostics are key to design ADAS products. Choosing right sensor technologies and designing optimal feature specifications are key to commercial success. Only deep market insights and a very unique blend of technology-domain expertise help to create winning system definitions.

Technical Alliances

Due to many non-correlated technical skill sets required to build ADAS products, no single team can effectively develop ADAS products in isolation. Partnerships and collaborations at various levels with complementing independent players are required for long term success.

Cost Balancing

Balancing the costs while offering best ADAS features is extremely difficult for Vehicle Manufacturers. Heavy cost overruns are pretty common during engineering of ADAS products. Above all low user acceptances can always ruine long development life cycles and huge investments.

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