Seamlessly integrate your software platforms with newer vehicles and extend your algorithm capabilities to suit for Indian Traffic Environment

Handle Indian scenarios and conditions with minimal customization to your algorithms. Adapt your features to new vehicle dynamics and interface quickly along with feature tuning and optimizations

Every city, every country is unique, different from each other. On one hand side unrestrained road transport infrastructure and undisciplined traffic behavior in India is far from ideal for Automated Driving. And on the other hand every OEM has their own vehicle network and subsystem interface preferences. Tailored developments or heavy customization are needed to accommodate these new conditions. Our vast technical experience and deep demographic understanding will benefit you to cut time to market drastically. Leverage our Computer Vision and Machine Learning expertise to develop an algorithm from scratch. Or experience our Application Engineering capabilities to adapt your pre-developed algorithms to work on a new sensor or vehicle platform.


Vision based object detection, radar processing or sensor fusion. We can help you to improve features for any sensor.

Classifiers and Detectors

  • Improve Classifier Detector Accuracies, Reduce False Positives using local cues
  • Retrain classifiers for new sensors, mounting positions
  • Extend supported scenarios, add special cases and new business logics

Sensor Fusion

  • Track level Object Fusion Algorithm Development
  • Sensor Characterization for new sensors
  • Information and Data Fusion for Situational Awareness
  • Test scenarios for Fusion validation

Radar Processing

  • Radar Tracker Enhancement, Ghost reduction
  • Sworm Lane Assignment, Road Boundary Estimation
  • Dynamic Calibrations and Mounting for newer fascia’s
  • Object Classification, Freespace Detection, Stationary target detector

Feature Development and customization

  • Situation and Threat Assessment, Primary Object Selection
  • Parameter tuning and modifications for AEB, ACC, FCW, LKA etc.
  • Vehicle level Input / Output Interface Adaptations

Proof Of Concept Development

  • POC implementation for unique features needed for Indian driving scenarios
  • Feasibility study of new concepts for camera and radar sensors
  • Testing and Production Planning for successful POC

Model Based Development

  • Code generation using Target Link, Embedded coder
  • Model In Loop Testing and Validation
  • Autosar ARXML Configurations and Generation
  • Legacy C code to Model Development

We help you do more with your software with minimal changes

Prior Experience & Capabilities

Some of the sensors and technologies which we have experienced before are listed here, the list is neither comprehensive nor a depiction of full of our capabilities


Object Detections

  • Pedestrian, Vehicle and Bicycle Detection
  • Light Source, Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Detection
  • Lanes, Zebra Crossings, Road Profile Detection

Computer Vision

  • Optical Flows, Motion Estimations and Disparity Estimation
  • Static and Dynamic Calibrations
  • Sliding Windows, Feature Extractions
  • Boosting and Support Vector Machines
Model Based Development

Model Based Development

  • Simulink and Stateflow
  • DSpace Control Desk
  • Autosar compliant Embedded Code Generation

Collision Avoidance

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning

Cruising Features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Low Speed Traffic Jam Assist
  • High Speed Highway Pilot
  • Lane Keeping Assist


  • C, Python, Matlab, Simulink
  • Perl, OpenCV, OpenGL
  • C#, JSON, XML