Spend your efforts on development, leave operations of data collections and labelling to us!

AI powered next generation high quality labelled data captured across India for Automated Driving. Get markings 2x faster with more than 95% accuracy !

Data fuels machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms used in Automated Driving. Large scale public road data is very crucial for modelling and validation. Lot of post processing, accurate labelling and annotations must be performed in order to effectively use captured huge amount of data. Typically data collection and labelling tasks are operationally labour intensive and error prone. We at Autodrive Technologies have experienced large scale data collections involving Radars and Cameras to validate Collision Avoidance features. Our deep geographical understanding will help you to effectively collect the data across all states in India. We undergo human and model cross validations on labelling to improve marking accuracies.  


Pan India data collection with well spreaded distribution to cover all weather, traffic, road and lightning conditions.

Route and Scenario Planning

  • Scenarios accounting for Weather, Lighting conditions
  • Route planning according to Road and Traffic Requirements
  • Driving distribution to cover all sales market areas

Labelling and Annotations

  • 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes for Objects of various types
  • Lane, lines and Road Boundary labeling
  • Pixel based Freespace, Semantic Annotations

Tools Development

  • Multi Source Data Recording and Synchronization Tool
  • Marking and Labelling Tool, Data Format Conversion Tools
  • Automatic KPI and Statistics Generation

KPI and Statistics Generation

  • Feature Evaluation - True Positive and False Positive
  • Parameter Evaluation, Receiver operating characteristic estimation
  • Sensor Performance Statistics

Dataset Creation and Augmentation

  • Data Tagging, Pruning, Backup and Uploads
  • Training Set, Test / Validation Set Creations
  • Data augmentation by noise and error injection

Compliance and Management

  • Regulatory Approvals, Special Driving License
  • Proving Ground and Test Track Bookings
  • Driver Contracting / Hiring, General Vehicle Maintenance

Get Ready for High quality ready to use labelled data captured across India

Prior Experience & Capabilities

Some of the sensors and technologies which we have experienced before are listed here, the list is neither comprehensive nor a depiction of full of our capabilities


  • Mono and Stereo Vision Cameras
  • 24 and 77GHZ Radars
  • Driver Monitoring Cameras
  • Parking and Surround Cameras
Supported Labels

Supported Labels

  • Vehicles, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Animals
  • Lanes, Road Edges, Freespace
  • Construction Cones, Traffic Signs, Traffic Lights
  • Foreground Semantic Segmentation


  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Traffic Sign Recognition


  • QT, Python, Matlab, Perl
  • OpenCV, OpenGL, C, C#
  • JSON, XML, R Visualizations
  • Image Compression Standards

Data Formats

  • ADTF DAT, Matlab Mat
  • Vector CAN ASCII, BLF, Dspace IDF
  • Various Image Formats (Raw, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TGA etc.)
Network Protocols

Network Protocols

  • CAN / Flexray
  • Custom Protocols