Tackle complexity in Automated Driving by using disciplined processes, tools and methods for designing and deploying the systems

Develop Automated Driving features with flexibility to interchange component suppliers. Understand how to reuse your platforms to match OEM requirements. Define specific, measurable, actionable and relevant requirements on time with our experienced professionals.

Ever increasing complexity in Automated Driving requires disciplined tools, processes and methods for designing, deploying and re-designing the systems. Defining requirements, designing architectures and safety concepts in isolation may not be the ideal solution.
We at Autodrive Technologies are ready to be your end to end system engineering partner to develop ADAS products which will work seamlessly among various vehicle platforms having different suppliers.


We provide end to end system engineering services for mass production ADAS programs, ranging from requirement modelling till verification and validation. Our functional safety offerings will help to develop ISO26262 compliant safe and robust ADAS products.

Requirements Management

  • Use Cases Identification and Modelling
  • Functional and Non-functional Requirement Specifications Development
  • Requirements Allocation to Individual Architecture Elements

Architecture Modelling

  • Functional Flow Diagrams
  • System Architecture Development
  • Requirements Traceability and Gap Analysis

Test Case Development

  • Integration Tests
  • Vehicle Integration Tests
  • Module Tests
  • System Tests

Functional Safety

  • ASIL Goal Identification and Decomposition
  • Safety Requirements Development
  • Safety Goals
  • Fault Tree Analysis

Project Planning

  • Requirement Management Plan
  • Verification and Validation Plan
  • Tools and Methodology Development
  • Templates

Risk Management

  • Risk severity identification through Impacts and Probabilities analysis
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Monitoring and Mitigation Plans

Our domain experts help you confidently develop your complex system of systems

Prior Experience & Capabilities

Some of the sensors and technologies which we have experienced before are listed here, the list is neither comprehensive nor a depiction of full of our capabilities

Vision Sensors

Vision Sensors

  • Mono and Stereo Vision
  • Driver Monitoring Camera
  • NIR/FIR Night Vision Cameras
  • Surround and Parking Cameras

Radar Sensors

  • 24/77 GHz Front and Corner Radars
  • Multi Hypothesis Radar Trackers
  • Multi-Radar and Radar - Vision Fusion
  • Blind Spot Low Resolution Radars

Collision Avoidance

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection

Cruising Features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Traffic Jam Assist, Highway Pilot
  • Lane Keep Assist, Lane Change Assist

Requirements Modelling

  • Enterprise Architect UML / SysML
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody Architect
  • PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager
  • Vector PREEvision, JIRA

Standards Regulations

  • Functional Safety - ISO26262
  • APICE Software Development Lifecycle
  • Euro New Car Assessment Programme