Deploy systems confidently with our comprehensive test, validation and simulation offerings

Ensure best product quality though quick and reliable simulations and thorough testing, verification and validations. Cut down the time by using our ready to use test suits for ADAS feature validations.

Validating ADAS and Automated driving products is an unprecedented challenge, consume tremendous amounts of efforts. Various levels of tests are needed to ensure safe and reliable performance under any conditions. Hardware in loop (HIL) / Software in loop (SIL) / Model in loop (MIL) simulations provide the means to simulate your system behavior and verify the performance saving precious time spent during vehicle tests. We have worked on broad set of tools and can help you to seamlessly automate interaction among tools and frameworks of your choice.


We provide end to end testing services for ADAS products, ranging from unit tests to vehicle integration tests. Our simulation capabilities will help you to understand system behavior on range of countless scenarios.


  • HIL Scripting for data insertion, time stamping
  • SIL for unit tests
  • MIL for feature debugging and visualizations
  • Performance and Cycle time analysis

Component Testing

  • Vehicle Tests - Variations of Weather, Traffic Light and Road types
  • Functional Testing, Acceptance Tests, Requirement Tracability
  • Unit, System & Integration Tests
  • Use case validations

Proving Ground Testing

  • NCAP Score Assessment
  • Parameter Tuning, Crash Tests
  • Sensor Fusion Parameterization
  • ACC Cut in/Cut Out Funnels Tuning

Static Code Analysis

  • Code Quality Polyspace / Misra Compliance
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Modified condition/decision coverage
  • Runtime Overflows, Divide by Zero Errors

Public Road Testing

  • AEB, FCW False Positive Testing
  • Fail safe Testing
  • Traffic scenario testing
  • Human Factors and HMI Testing

Virtual Testing

  • Road objects and Traffic Simulations
  • Road profile and environment simulation
  • Closed loop testing with Dspace Vehicle Model

Rigorous and thorough testing process to ensure highest level of safety and integrity

Prior Experience & Capabilities

Some of the sensors and technologies which we have experienced before are listed here, the list is neither comprehensive nor a depiction of full of our capabilities


  • Programming Lang - C, C++, CAPL, Python
  • Network Protocols - CAN, Flexray, XCP, UDS, TCP, RTP
  • Data Formats : ADTF DAT, ASCII, BLF, idf, Various Image Formats


  • Mono and Stereo Vision Cameras
  • 24 and 77GHZ Radars
  • Driver Monitoring Cameras
  • Parking and Surround Cameras


  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

Measurement Tools

  • Vector Tools - CANape, CANanlyzer etc.
  • Dspace Tools - Control Desk, ASM etc.
  • Virtual Testing - CarMaker, Prescan
  • Calibration and Flashing Tools

Test Tools

  • Simulink Verification and Validation Toolboxes
  • Polyspace Bug Finder and Code Prover
  • Requirements - IBM Doors, PTC Integrity, JIRA
  • Defect Management - JIRA, GIT, Bugzilla, SVN

Test Equipment

  • Racelogic and Oxford DGPS Setup
  • NCAP 4a Dummy Setup
  • Maps, Lidars, Gyroscope, IMU